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Peppa Pig Wonder Day & Night Nappy Pants

Are one of the highest performing nappy pants in the market. We made them “uber-absorbent” by combining three key components in our specialised production process. Peppa Wonder Nappy Pants’ “uber-absorbent” pad base can absorb up to 25 times its own weight. Our elastic support system with a 360° waist band covers close to 50% of the entire nappy pant surface area for the snuggest fit ever. 

Jumbo Cartons available in Toddler, Walker and Junior sizes!

Toddler 10-15kg

Walker 14-18kg

Junior 16+kg

Wonder Day & Night Nappies

Ensure that your child plays all day and rests all night with Wonder Day & Night Nappies! Each box comes with day nappies for frequent nappy changes and night nappies for a great night’s sleep.

Newborn Up to 5kg

Infant 4-6kg

Crawler 6-11kg

Toddler 10-15kg

Walker 14-18kg

Wonder Peppa Wipes

Mum’s nappy bags can end up weighing a “tonne” – we have been listening to mums so we created smaller sized packs to keep the weight down, but ensure that you have enough wipes for a couple of emergencies throughout the day. The wipes come in a snap tight lid to stop leakages and help keep moisture in. Each box comes with 12 packs so you can scatter a few around in convenient areas from your house to your car!

Available at BIG W

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